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  • Adey Okogun

11 Lessons Learned

The 21 year old version of me had some great ideas.

Scrolling through my old notes, I found a note I had written to myself in 2018. It is a list of 11 lessons that I had learned in 2018 and was hoping to apply in 2019.

Reading them again, I realise how much they still apply to my current stage in life and how mature I was at 21 😁

They might apply to you too, so read on!

  1. Every goal requires proper planning and preparation, without that it’s just wishful thinking.

  2. If you choose to stop being ignorant, you will know who is really for you and who is not for you. Stop surrounding yourself with people who don’t have your best interest at heart, they have a way of making you believe the worst in yourself.

  3. Be loyal to the few friends who love and support you. A good support system is hard to come by, so appreciate the one you have.

  4. You want to know how to battle envy and jealousy? Learn to be content with what you have. A heart of gratitude will open your eyes to the amazing things in your life that you are currently ignoring.

  5. Be crazy enough to believe that your dreams can come true. The successful people are the ones who were crazy enough to believe that they would succeed, even when the people around them thought their dreams were just jokes.

  6. Love yourself at whatever stage you’re currently at. It’s that love that pushes you to be better tomorrow. Celebrate your little achievements, no one else would do it for you.

  7. Free yourself from the prison of other people’s opinions and validations. They will talk if you do and they will still talk if you don’t. Do what makes you happy regardless.

  8. Feel the fear and do it anyway. You’ve probably heard this before but fear will paralyse you if you let it and you’ll have no one to blame but yourself. Fight the resistance and step out in faith.

  9. Because it hasn’t happened yet, does not mean it never will. Sometimes, what’s going on beneath the surface is the most vital stage of growth.

  10. If you can’t appreciate the small things, you wouldn’t be able to appreciate the big miracles either because you’ll always be looking for something more profound. Take a minute to understand this one.

  11. You cannot succeed by own power. Submit your plans to God. You will discover who you were really created to be by constantly abiding in His presence.

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